The Preacher's Wifey by DiShan Washington

With her perfect, curvy body, long jet black hair, and a face to rival any super model, Allyson Chase is every  man's fantasy. The only problem is that she knows it, so along with her beauty comes a larger-than-life attitude. She sees nothing wrong with sleeping her way to the top, and she'll do anything to maintain the life of luxury her good looks have gotten her. When Bryan Ward, a well-known and wealthy pastor enters the scene, Allyson could not be more excited. Never one to pass up on opportunity, she turns on her charm and soon finds herself sharing his bed and swiping his Platinum American Express Card. Knowing that Allyson is a certified gold digger, he makes her an offer she can't refuse. The only stipulation is she must remember it's just an arrangement. It's a facade--it's not about love.


Copyright ©  2010 - 2020 DiShan Washington 


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