DiShan Washington is one of the leading experts on women issues regarding marriage, single motherhood, and Restoration. Linking belief, behavior, and accountability, DiShan guides individuals and organizations to instill a deep sense of purpose and drive aggressive action. Although these are examples of messages DiShan has given, every message is re-evaluated and prayed over for your specific group. Empowering, encouraging and enlightening are the focal point for each message, and messages can also be tailored to your specific topic or scripture as needed. 


  • Balancing Life - DiShan transparently shares how she manages being a single mom and having a personal life.

  • Entrepreneurship - Although difficult, a single mom can be a commanding leader in the workforce and still have time to nurture and train children. Advice is given on how to successfully accomplish both.

  • Finances - In the beginning, it can be overwhelming trying to make ends meet. DiShan teaches how she learned to live on a $100 budget. 

  • Pregnancy out of Wedlock - Using tips from her book, My Baby Is Not a Mistake, DiShan opens up about her struggle with the guilt and shame of having a baby out of wedlock.



  • Restoring Your Dream - Life can be filled with swift transitions and can consequently cause one to give up on their dream or let it die. DiShan, through her own life, shows how one can overcome homelessness to living in your dream neighborhood, doing your dream job.

  • Health and Wellness - No one is any good to anyone while being sick. This message on taking care of your mind, body, and soul points directly to being essential to one's overall success. 

  • Christian Erotica - This message is for every Christian wife who desires to ignite or reignite the intimacy and passion in her bedroom.

  • Discovering Purpose - "Why am I here?" or "What is my purpose?" is the #1 question DiShan is asked when she speaks. Through one-on-one discussions, DiShan helps to answer the question on everyone's mind.


  • Motivation - You're only as good as you believe you are. It's proven that people who are motivated to perform, perform better than those who are not. This seminar will get your engines going and operating at optimum speed.

  • Team Building - It's said that it takes a village to raise a child. Identifying and building the right team is what it takes to have a successful company. This seminar helps you highlight your team players and how to know which role they should play.

  • Prophetic Business Coaching - There are few people who have the insight to see holes, or the contrary, opportunities, before they happen. With an incredible gift to see both, DiShan helps business leaders increase and protect their bottom line.



  • Healing - Hurt people, hurt people. Healed people, heal people. DiShan walks her audience through the proper steps of healing so as to be effective in their daily lives and in their spiritual calling.

  • Restoration - This message of hope teaches the believer how to redeem the time and get back everything that was lost or stolen by the hands of the enemy.

  • Faith - Walking by faith is easier said than done. Through a dynamic, illustrated message, DiShan shows how one can walk by faith even in the dark times of life.

  • Prophesy - With an incredible gift of knowledge to prophesy, DiShan spends several minutes, sometimes hours, speaking into the lives of those who flood her alter calls. 


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