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Michelle knows that being the First Lady of Mount Zion Baptist Church is an important and much-coveted position, so she always gives thanks for a dutiful husband and a prosperous life. But she also prays for Darvin to spend more time with her, talking about something other than Mount Zion's affairs.

Michelle's faith is further put to the test when the seductive vixen Daphne Carlton arrives on the steps of their church, determined to make Michelle's life a living hell so that she can get rid of Michelle and assume her role as the First Lady.

I was a third generation Pastor’s wife. My grandfather is a retired Pastor, my mom and dad are currently Pastors, and I was married to a Pastor for fifteen years. I have been a licensed minister for nine years, and I’ve preached in many places, spoken on several platforms, yet, what you’re about to read is the story of a woman who fell from grace—and got caught. It’s not the ideal thing for me to do having been in the public eye for so many years, but I believe everything happens for a reason, and I believe it’s important and necessary to take bad situations and find the good in them.


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