*Based on factual events. Only names have been changed.*


Bishop Myron "Scooter" Wallace is the charismatic leader of The Love Christian Church. Known for his fiery preaching and smooth, melodic singing, his charm caresses the masses--men and women alike. But, when Bishop begins to climb the ladder of success, he is overtaken by temptation, and commits adultery and crimes leaving his wife, family, and congregation in shock.


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Sins of the Bishop's Office

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  • "I wish I was your wife, Bishop, and not Dina," Silina said, through baited breath. Sweat beads congregated on her forehead like folks at a Kanye West's Sunday service. Her body pulsated as he cupped her breasts. "I wish I'd met you before my cousin did."

    "Shhh...quiet. Don't talk about my wife. It's a turn off. She has nothing to do with this. Just focus on you and me--right now."

    Silina hated when he referred to her cousin as his wife. She loved her cousin, but she had the life she wanted, the life she wished she had. Instead, she was a struggling, homeless, single mother who her cousin felt sorry for, and allowed to live with them. She hadn't meant to betray her cousin, but the long talks she had with the Bishop while her cousin was hard at work at Burger King, soon turned into something more.

    The sounds of sexual pleasure filled the darkness of the Bishop's and his wife's bedroom. This was the second relative of his wife's that he had risked it all for, and by far the best. Silina was young, beautiful, and most of all; naive. She had been hurt, even raped, by men before and to finally have the up close and personal attention of the man of God, she was convinced that her life of brokenness and despair would come to an end. She was confident that he had the answers she needed and would help her navigate through this difficult time.

    Their daily rendezvous finally came to an end. Dina would be home soon from work.

    "You need to go. My wife will be home soon. We don't need these kinds of problems."

    Silina followed the trail of her clothes and picked up each item. Bishop watched her light-skinned cheeks clap as she walked away, and was almost tempted to stir the pot one more time. But, knowing better, he went into the bathroom and started the shower. He had to get her scent off of his body, and her taste out of his mouth. Then, he had to prepare for Bible Study. The people needed a Word.


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