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On October 1, 2019, a judge took away my rights as a mother to my oldest daughter, Alahna Rose. I was completely devastated because I have never not taken care of my daughters--they have been my life. I have never been in trouble. I have never been on drugs. I have never been on the streets. But, somehow, a judge erroneously declared me unfit, and due to four moves in almost seven years, he decided I was too unstable to have any rights to my daughter. She went from living with me full-time to twice per month visits. I have never received child support for her, but because of the ruling, I have to now pay child support. It was the toughest day of my life. I spent days locked into a depression I couldn't get myself out of until I began to pray and ask God for clarity as it pertained to this. Those prayers were answered with a call and mission to help other single moms who have faced injustice, and not only that, who are not getting the help they deserve and need. Since that time, women from all over the world have reached out to me for guidance, prayer, and assistance. I have vowed to spend my life helping single moms not only survive the tough times, but thrive in them! Praying Moms United stand with single moms around the world not just through prayer, but through deeds and resources!  

To support PMU and our mission to help single mothers across the world, please consider visiting our PMU STORE. Each purchase goes towards helping a single mom with legal aid, credit repair, bill assistance, childcare, employment search, mental health, groceries, and much more!

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