Allow me to introduce myself. My name is DiShan.


Mother|Author|Entrepreneur|Ghostwriter|Screenwriter| |Playwright |Motivational Speaker | TV Personality| Minister |Brand Developer and Manager | Publicist | Suicide Survivor |Minister|

DiShan's Bio


DiShan Washington is a native of Valley, Alabama and is currently a bi-coastal resident of Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Married at the age of 16, she became one of the youngest known Pastor wives in the country. With this feat came incredible challenges that led to bouts of low self-esteem, depression, two suicide attempts, and a plethora of other struggles she openly shares with her audiences. The landscape of her life changed when her 15-year marriage came to an end at the age of 31, which took DiShan from living a life of luxury to a life of homelessness, and even days when she didn’t know where her next meal would come from. This tested DiShan’s faith on the greatest level, but determined to persevere, she kept pressing and has risen from the ashes to become a sought after businesswoman and influencer in the faith based community.  


DiShan is the National and Essence Bestselling Author of five books. She gained critical acclaim and won awards for her two most popular books, “Diary of a Mad First Lady,” and “The Preacher’s Wifey.” Although not novels, her other books, “My Baby Is Not a Mistake”, “Single, Saved, and Still Horny,” and “How to Get Over a Guy in Seven Days” are all testaments of her life’s journey, victories, and losses.  


DiShan is also an award-winning playwright best known for productions, “Everything that Look Good Ain’t Good For You” and “Diary of a Mad First Lady.” She has also penned, directed, and cast productions, “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, “Why Can’t I Get Married,” “Baby Mama,” and many more! In addition to the books and stage plays, she is also a screenwriter and wrote and produced her first short film, “Let’s Get It On” in a genre she created called, Christian Erotica. Sparking much controversy, DiShan was invited on various radio and tv shows to discuss the taboo subject to include shows on: TLC, Bravo, NPR News, and she appeared in a host of National magazines.  


As if she needs to hold any more titles, DiShan is also a prolific speaker, ghostwriter to the stars, minister, social media influencer and strategist, and business coach. Having spoken and coached on major platforms, her willingness to be transparent about her struggles and success leaves those who follow her wanting to hear more. She serves as the CEO of Seven Door Multimedia—a multimedia company that is comprised of Ghostwriting, Publishing, Marketing, PR, and Live Entertainment. In August 2014, DiShan founded Hold On, a non-profit suicide organization committed to raising awareness and creating solutions for the prevention of suicide. Having attempted suicide twice, DiShan dedicates most of her spare time to raising awareness and motivating those who may be plagued with suicidal thoughts.  


Above all, she is most proud to be the mother of Alahna Rose Washington and Ariahna Rose Winters.


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